Everybody’s reasons for pursuing personal mindfulness training maybe varied.  Perhaps you, or someone you know have a desire to:

learn a different way of living

manage chronic pain, stress, worry, depression or anxiety

incorporate mindfulness into their work setting

engage in a course as part of their continuing professional development

Whether the course is for you, or someone you know, you should be aware that all the courses I offer, can either be delivered in a group, or in a one-to-one setting.

Importance of a Consistent Personal Practice

To reap the maximum benefits of mindfulness, it truly needs to be a practice that is done regularly.  While regular practice is vital, it does not need to be a huge commitment.

Even a brief ten-minute daily practice can have huge benefits, rather than doing nothing.


Tips to Help You Commit to a Regular Mindfulness Practice

Find the right motivation and intent – ask yourself, why do you practice? What can it do for me?

Find the right time and the right duration – the length of practice time can vary. Some days, you may need only a few minutes, other times a bit longer. It is supposed to be a rewarding experience.

Find the right spot and posture – it is important to feel safe and secure. Perhaps this will be a cushion, office chair or even the car. The spot may vary, but make sure it is comfortable and familiar.

Find the right routine and stick to it – whilst the length, location and posture might change, it is best to make a minimum commitment to the frequency.

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