My mission as a Learning Coach is to support a learner:

develop a positive mind set

become work ready

achieve their full learning potential

manage their stress and anxiety

How do I do that?

one-to-one coaching sessions

group coaching sessions


embrace your learning style

revision & stress

learning techniques

stress busting exercises


Interested in Learning More?

It is all about attitude!

Good Attitude

perceiving learning as interesting, enjoyable and exciting

recognising the importance of positive self-talk, thoughtfulness, good manners and to consider the feelings of others

promoting good health - tired, sluggish children don’t learn as well

fostering good relationships, by encouraging learners not to be overly critical, but instead friendly, honest and straightforward in their dealing with others

Good Learning

number one message; you are in the driving seat; people are there to help, but not one can do it for them

encourage learners to see, that learning is a balance of enjoyment and effort

explore and celebrate new skills

helping learners to understand, learning is a journey that everyone does in their own way - setbacks and mistakes are part of the course

Good Choices

assisting learners to weigh up the options and think about the consequences - this is at the heart of good learning

teaching individuals to explore short and long-term benefits, therefore ensuring their priorities are true to themselves, in the choices they make

Good Organisation

getting that balance between work and leisure

help with setting goals and objectives

effective time management

nurturing a healthy and well organised mind

Growth Mindset

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